Being GOOD Wont Save You

Posted by Robert Lyte on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 Under: Salvation And Faith
Many are under the delusion that they have to do many things to make it into God's kingdom. Like the rich young ruler that Jesus spoke of. He said: "Lord I keep all the commandments and keep the Sabbath, I honor my father and mother, I do all these things". And he said "How can I enter your kingdom? How can I go there?" 

And you know what Jesus said to him? Jesus said: Go sell all you have and come follow me... and Rich young ruler could not do that and he walked away sadly and Jesus spoke after him and said that: "How hard is it for a rich man to enter the kingdom it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for rich man to enter God's kingdom"... You see keeping the 10 Commandments and good things of the laws of God will not save you. It is only those who follow Jesus, that's what he said. And the disciples said well who can be saved? And Jesus said with God all things are possible. You see the only way to be saved is if you go follow Jesus. That's the only way. Jesus said that: "I am the narrow gate nobody comes to the father except through me". 

So unless you follow Jesus you will not go to heaven even you keep the Sabbath religiously, you're a good citizen, you do many kind and charitable act towards people, you still won't make it to heaven unless you follow Jesus. How do you follow Jesus? You have to go dedicate your life to him, accept him and go seek him to get to know him so he can lead you. That is how you follow Jesus. He is real, hears, speaks and is around now. It's written in the Scriptures that if you seek God with all your heart you will find him. The problem is people they don't seek the Lord with all their heart. They go and pray a little to Jesus but they're still hanging onto their life with all their heart like the rich man. They couldn't let go of their wealth. They say: I believe Jesus and Jesus please help me and know me...

Yet in their hearts they haven't let go of their wealth like the rich man and they just walk away sadly. They would never know Jesus because you can't know Jesus unless you sell off everything. You got to get rid of all your desires and stop following all the pursuits that you want to do. That's what Jesus means about getting rid of everything; come sell all you have and come follow me. Jesus wants you to get rid of everything that is taking his place. Kick it all out and just decided to dedicate your life to Jesus instead. And he's going to lead you through your life and what you need to do and he is going to bring you into the kingdom of heaven. That is the only way dear friend. You cannot get into heaven any other way. 

That is the only way to the kingdom of God, all other paths lead to hell. The rich man who died and went to hell was quite a nice guy. He had parties for his friends, he is very hospitable, he was a charitable rich man living it up in luxury in the world. He wasn't an evil man in the eyes of the world. And what happened to him? He died and went straight to hell it's because it is only those who live for the Lord who shall be saved. They seek him with all their hearts. They don't hang onto the ways of this world. They don't just live up to the things that this life has to offer. 

Their minds are taken up with the pursuit of Jesus Christ. They are living for him all the days of their life. And it is these dear souls who are saved. So lay faith in Jesus Christ today because it is only when you lay faith in him and follow him that you shall enter the kingdom. It is written that those who follow God do so by faith and it is counted upon them as righteousness. So have faith in Jesus and dedicate your life to him now and just live for him from now on. That is the way to enter the kingdom of God...

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