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Doctrine Of The Nicolaitans Today

Posted by Robert Lyte on Sunday, April 20, 2014,

The Doctrine Of Nicolaitans Is The Grace Only Gospel

The doctrine of the Nicolaitans is still prevalent today in increasing measure. The early Nicolaitans were people who followed a certain man that the Apostles had ordained to be an overseer of one of the groups of brethren. This man became apostate when he started to say that certain practices of immorality were ok for Christians. He himself did not heed rebuke. We see this same doctrine today, that Jesus clearly stated in his letters, that ...

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The Famous HALF Gospel: Have You Been Lied To?

Posted by Robert Lyte on Sunday, April 6, 2014,
Have you been lied to?
I often see well-meaning preachers who are preaching the gospel of Jesus, go to a big gathering of so-called Christians — or just a whole lot of people who have come to hear the preacher — who assume that they are all saved.
So he just tells them, You should be going out and preaching and doing all these things, because you're saved.
I also see other Christians who are also well-meaning, and the Lord working through them, doing their own work in the ministry, and peo...

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