2 Sided Coin And Salvation

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There are two sides to a coin. It is the same with salvation. On one hand we cannot enter the kingdom of God by our righteousness neither by keeping Sabbath's nor by keeping many regulations nor living a strict life nor by being a good giving and caring person nor can you enter the kingdom of God by breaking his rules living on the broad path not turning away from temptation. We have the narrow way, it is very thin. What is this narrow way? It is the only way to the kingdom which comes through abiding with Jesus Christ. That is what true faith really is; people who believe in Jesus and they abide in him. Jesus said: he who does not abide with me withers up and dies and the Father will cut him off and all dead branches are thrown into the fire. Jesus said that unless you abide with me you cannot do anything. 

He has also says in the book of Revelation to the churches he warns that: if you keep your robes unstained by evil he won't erase your name out of his book of life. So we have two sides of the coin here; you cannot enter the kingdom by your good works, by being very religious, keeping commandments and sabbaths, however on the other side we cannot enter the kingdom by living a life on the broad path with sinners and continuing in your evil. So neither lax Christians nor religious Christians are going to enter the kingdom of God. It is only those who abide with Jesus Christ till the end, who have the heart by the grace of God to keep all his commands in holiness and truth. Who have been wiped clean by the blood of Jesus so they are fit to enter through that narrow gate into God's kingdom. So all who repent and believe on Jesus Christ will be saved.

 For such are on their knees in repentance and prayer seeking the Lord in tears asking him: please forgive me, because they believe in him and it is those who go away justified before God. Because they know the Lord will forgive them that's why they are moved to repent and turn to him. They know that he is there, that is why they seek him. And so what happens is, and this is what happened to me, Jesus comes into their life and came into my life as well and he washed me clean from my sins so I felt forgiven. He gave me peace that I didn't have before, and he set me free from all my sins that I was doing so I didn't have to continue on evil paths anymore because he changed my heart by the power of the cross. You see Jesus is the resurrection and the life and it's only if you abide in him, believe in him (that is true faith), it is only if you stay with that until the end serving him as he leads you, it is only then that you will make it through that narrow gate...

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