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The Coming Resurrection

There is coming a day for us, it is called the resurrection of the dead, and of this resurrection Paul wrote, “I will show you a mystery, we will not all sleep, but we will be changed in the moment, in a twinkling of an eye; the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised and we will be raised incorruptible: I will tell you this mystery, we will not all sleep but we will be changed. The trumpet will sound and we will be changed forever.”

Revelation 20: Blessed are they who share in the first resurrection, the second death has no power over them. This is the resurrection. What I want to talk to you about, is the hope that we have as believers in Jesus Christ. The one who says there is no resurrection, is walking in a perversion of the truth, because there is coming a resurrection.

I want to explain to you what that means. It means that when you get baptised, if you have been baptised, you were baptised in the water, and you were resurrected unto the new way. So the symbol of the resurrection is baptism.

This resurrection is what all believers have if they have been baptised. They have this as their hope: the resurrection of the dead. We will arise from bodies that are corruptible, into bodies that are incorruptible. Now the reason we will do that is because of our faith in Jesus Christ, because Jesus was the first one who resurrected from the dead. His body did not stay in the grave. He resurrected.

That is what is going to happen to those who obey and follow him. They have been baptised in water into the resurrection. Not Catholic christening, nor Lutheran Church baby baptism, no that is not baptism. I'm talking about disciples of Jesus who have been baptised in water by their faith, because they decided to believe, and that means you have laid your hope in the resurrection, and you will take part in the resurrection.

Now I want to talk about this resurrection: “Blessed and Holy are they who take part in the first resurrection, the second death will have no power over them.”

That is the hope that we live in, my friends. Your hope must only be in the coming resurrection of your body into an incorruptible body from corruptible flesh. Jesus did it the first time, we will do it next.

He rose from the dead and his body did not stay in the grave. You cannot find the bones of Jesus anymore. There are no bones of Jesus anywhere on this earth. He didn't go to the grave and stay there. That is why we have the hope of resurrection, which is the gospel, a big part of the gospel, because Jesus said that, “All who believe on me, I will resurrect them on the last day.”

Jesus will resurrect us who believe in him. I want to read from John 11 verse 24: Martha said to Jesus, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection of the last day.” And Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection, I am the life, he who believes in me will live even though he dies.”

That means if your flesh dies, your flesh will not remain in the earth, rather on the day of resurrection it

will rise out of the earth resurrected. You will have no bones in this earth, because Jesus himself has no bones in the earth. Our flesh won't stay in the world. It will at the moment. You dig up somebody's grave who is a believer, you're going to find their bones in the grave.
But the time is coming when they who have believed upon Jesus Christ, their body shall be raised out of this earth, drawn out of the dust and be resurrected.

The Nay Sayers

This is the resurrection that Paul talked about where he said that Philatus, and Harmenaeus were saying that the resurrection had already taken place, when it had not. Neither today the resurrection has not yet taken place.

Jesus said to Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me will live even though he dies. Everybody who believes in me will never die, do you believe this?”

Revelation 1:8, “I am the living one, I was dead and look I am alive for ever and ever. I hold the keys to death and hades.”

Romans 8: “If Christ is in you and even though the body is dead because of sin, the spirit is alive because of righteousness, but if this spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is in you, he raised Jesus Christ from the dead also will give life to your mortal body through his spirit in you, for we were buried with him through baptism in death in water, that just as Jesus Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.”

That is what is coming. We have been raised from the dead in our flesh already, as in we have been changed by the spirit of Christ. We're living a new life. Paul was living a new life, he no longer was a sinner. I am living a new life, I'm no longer a sinner either, because when you follow Jesus and the new way, you become a saint not a sinner.

If you become a sinner again, you start to deny Christ and it is time to repent and come back to the Lord, back to your first love. So we don't want to have the lusts and the passions of the flesh pull us away from the hope of the resurrection, do we! So let us no longer follow our lusts and desires. Let us no longer let them dictate our life, dragging us away from the blessed hope in the resurrection. Because it is written, “Blessed are those who take part in the first resurrection, for the second death will have no power over them.”

You won't end up in the lake of fire and the second death which belongs to all those who live and practice sin. Dear friends we want to be resurrected with Christ. I will be, because I believe in Jesus and his spirit is with me, and because his spirit is with me that means that the Father who raised Jesus from the dead, will also raise me from the dead when I die, and my body goes to the grave. Or if I'm living when the Lord returns, I will be transformed as it is written in Thessalonians. Either way, I will be resurrected from the dead, from the old flesh, and I will put on a new flesh on my old flesh which will be changed. At the moment, I have the new inside which causes me to crucify the old way of death, but if I follow the dictates of the old way, I surely will perish and die.

I do not follow those ways, because I have my hope in the coming resurrection that Jesus gave me through him, because he is the resurrection and the life.

The Dependance On Belief

Do you believe? That is the question. If you believe, you'll be resurrected with Jesus Christ. If you do not believe, you will be condemned.
I want to talk about the resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the Scriptures. Paul said, “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and he was buried, and then was raised on the third day to life, and then he appeared to the 12 apostles, and then he appeared to other brothers and sisters, then he appeared to James and the other apostles, and last of all he appeared to me as one born out of due time, for I am the least of the apostles.”

Then Paul says, “But by the grace of God, It is preached that Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead, how can you say there is no resurrection from the dead? We live in a body of death, so if there is no resurrection of the dead then Christ has not been raised. And if Christ has not been raised from the dead, our preaching is useless and so is our faith. Moreover, we are then found to be false witnesses about God for we testify that God raised Jesus from the dead. But if he did not raise him if in fact that he was not raised, nor the dead not raised in Christ either, and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you're still in your sins. Then those who are fallen asleep in Christ in faith, they are lost. But Christ was indeed raised from the dead. He was the first fruit of those risen from the dead. For through one man came death, so also does the resurrection from the dead come through one man. As death came through Adam, the resurrection of the dead comes through a man. Though death entered the world through Adam, so life comes through Jesus Christ. Christ in us, we're made alive. Jesus Christ is the first fruit of the resurrection of the dead, and he will rein until he has put the world under his feet, and last of all death will be destroyed and victory will be his.”

“Now if there is no resurrection, then what will be of those who are baptised? And if the dead are not raised at all, why people are baptised? I've asked, why do we endanger ourselves every hour, and face death every day, if the dead are not raised? For let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die. Do not be misled, how are the dead raised? What kind of body will they come? What you sow does not come to life unless it dies. God gives the seed a body and people have the flesh which is sown in perishability, and it is raised in imperishability. It is sown in dishonour, and is raised in glory, It is sown in weakness, and raised in power. This is how it will be for everybody who has been one of the spirit of God, who has been raised from the dead.”

“So as there is a natural body there is also a spiritual body as is written. The first man went to the dust of the earth, the second man is in heaven which is Jesus Christ.... And just as we are born in the image of the earthly man, we will bear the image of the heavenly man by our faith.”

“I declare to you brothers and sisters, that flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of God, nor will be perishable inherit imperishable, so I would tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed in the twinkling of an eye: the dead will be raised and we'll be changed. We will cry out, Oh death where is your victory, Hades where is your sting!”

“The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law, but thanks to the God he gives us the victory through the Lord Jesus Christ who was raised from the dead. Therefore my brothers and sisters, stand firm in your faith, let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully to the Lord and the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour is not in vain.”

So Paul talks very specifically here about the resurrection of the dead, and that is why Jesus came to earth. For as we know through Adam, through sin, we enter the ground and we die.
People die and turn into dust and go to the grave. The spirit goes to the place of waiting; holding places in the earth or in the Kingdom. But no person enters the kingdom of God except through the resurrection.

The Resurrection Has Not Yet Come

This resurrection has not yet come. That is why Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you in my kingdom, that when I come for you there I shall be, and there you shall be also those of you who believe.”

That is all you need to do. You need to give yourself to Jesus Christ, and he will resurrect your body from the grave because you believe.

This is wonderful, for even though we have sinned, and we are dead inside — and all have sinned and are not worthy of entering the kingdom — Jesus has given us a wonderful invitation. He says that if you deny yourself and follow him, and you obey him through your faith, you will resurrect to life like he did by the Father, and you will be resurrected to life by the Father.

Jesus was crucified and then he went to the grave for three days. For three days he was in the earth, and his body was dead. He was under the same curse Adam was under because Adam died and went to the dust as well. But the son of man, he didn't stay dead like everybody else does, he resurrected to life.

Lazarus was brought from the dead, but then he later died and went to the grave. But Jesus Christ didn't stay in the grave. He's the only one who has been lifted out of the grave bodily, where his body is no longer in this earth. No bones can be found, he has gone to the kingdom of God.

With him went a part of the resurrection when he was resurrected; another group of people was resurrected from their graves at that time as it is written.

Jesus was the first one to be resurrected, and everybody up until the last sheep, will also be resurrected from death, because they believed, because they have faith in Jesus Christ. So if you have faith in Jesus Christ, you are on his way, you turn away from sin that leads to death, then you will be resurrected also.

So have your hope in the resurrection as Paul says to. Don't listen to those foolish men, who say that the resurrection has already taken place. Instead remember that the resurrection has not taken place yet, and will not take place until the full number of days, and of believers has been reached, and then Jesus will come to earth like it says in the scriptures, and the dead shall be raised and then you who are still living will be raised incorruptible.

That is the hope that we look forward to. It is only then that anybody shall enter the kingdom of heaven. Until then, nobody will. So we have to realise this truth that one day we will enter into the kingdom of heaven from the dead. Our flesh will be raised incorruptible.

It doesn't mean that we live corrupted lives of sin, and then we get raised incorruptible. No, you see the power of Jesus when he came into my life, he freed me from sin and gave me the power to live a new life. He gave me the power to walk the new way of learning the Kingdom's paths.

And this is what we have to look forward to, is the resurrection of the dead. The unbelievers and those who are living in sin, they don't have the resurrection of the dead to look forward to.
They only have the second death to look forward to, so the day comes, and then they die again. How terrible. On the day of judgement they die again. They get cast into the everlasting fire, called the second death. It is the death of the spirit. In there, they have no hope.

That is what goes for everybody who lives a life of sin. If you live a life of sin, Jesus said that at the end of time he will remove from his kingdom everybody who sins, and everybody who causes sin. So if we live in sin, and we come to that day, we will be gathered out of the kingdom and cast into the great fire. Isn't that serious enough for you?

But we, dear brothers and sisters, know that we are not among that number, because we have left our sins, that is, you and me who believes in this resurrection to come: the first resurrection that is coming.

The Raising Of The Dead

The Father in heaven who raised Jesus Christ from the grave, he will raise you from the grave, change your body. So where is your dead body? It is no longer in the grave, it is no longer in death. You can say to death, where is your sting? So there is no longer the sting of death in you for we all die don't forget. We’re in the world after Adam. So the sting of death as it is written is sin.

But you are no longer under the power of sin, and the law which is the power of sin. The power of sin is to not do this, and that, and this is what your flesh wants to do it, so this is the power of sin. If you go following sin, you will die and end up in the second death.

That is why it says in Galatians, everybody who lives after the flesh will reap destruction and death, which is the second death. Everybody who lives after the flesh is going to take part in the second death.

But death has no power over those who were raised in the first resurrection. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life whoever believes in me will pass from death to life.”

Jesus will raise him on the last day. He said, “I will raise him on the last day to life.”

That has not come yet. So on that day, if you're dead, your body is going to be raised again, Or your body which is alive today, it's going to be changed again into incorruptibility.

That is what some people call the rapture. The better term, is the resurrection, because of the resurrection day is the day when every single believer of Jesus Christ, gets to take part in the first resurrection.

You won't take part in the first resurrection if that day comes and you're still in your sin, and you don't live by faith, and you are ship wrecking your faith by following your desires and sins.

Dear friends, the time is not too late to hope in the first resurrection, so that you can put behind you everything that hinders, and walk the path set before you of the faith, because the second death will have no power over you.

The day of Judgement is after the first resurrection as we read. This is of upmost importance, in fact if there is anything that matters in your life today, it is believing in, and living for Jesus Christ who was the first one who was resurrected from the dead, that you may also be resurrected on the day of the first resurrection which is our hope.

That is the hope Paul said to encourage each other with these words, because that is what we live for, but as the hope to come.

Hope to come is that we are going to be resurrected from the grave. Nobody is going to come out and be changed into a new body, unless the old passes away. We were not made to be a naked spirit without the body, we were made to always have a body. That body will be the new body that Jesus Christ inherited when he was resurrected from the grave.

Jesus Christ was a man, and he resurrected from the grave, so also will we who are mankind, will be resurrected from the grave when he resurrects us, because Jesus didn't die for an Angel! He didn't die as God, he died as man. So in that way we can be raised as well, because people are begotten by God, and to whom sent us the salvation.

Not angels, nor devils, he sent us the salvation. That's when we arise from the dead by faith in Jesus, as he rose from the dead, and reigns with the Father.

Put Behind Fleshly Living

These things that Paul talked about are the revelation of the gospel. That is why he says, “Put behind you fleshly living, lest it disqualifies you from the prize, from your hope.”

You will shipwreck your faith if you keep following your sin, rather, stand firm in the faith in the resurrection to come which is by our faith in Jesus Christ.

How can you stand firm, when you follow the world? Can you serve two Masters? Can you be a part of the

resurrection of the life and also be part of the Dead in your sinful ways? How can you be a part of the second death, and also the Resurrection? Either way you are going to be one or the other.

That way, it is exciting for me and for you, and everybody who has this hope, to remain in the hope, to remain on the way. You know you're on the way in the hope knowing that your adversary is the devil, who is looking to destroy you. People often message me saying they have fallen away, going back to the sins of youth, and following the lusts of the flesh.

And I want to tell you, what are you doing? Why don't you wake up and live in the hope of the Resurrection? Have you forgotten the hope? Do you not know the hope of the resurrection of the life?

That is what I live for, the resurrection of life, and at any time we can have that hope realised, because the time is near and the Lord will raise the dead. Do you want to be among those who are raised from the dead?

Those who live on this earth will also be changed, and raised from their corruptible flesh. It is written in one Corinthians, that will put on the flesh, we are the first who will put on incorruptibility, and we'll be changed.

It says, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.
You cannot inherit the kingdom of God in this body, this body has sin. It has temptations everyday. We have to put them out internally from our hearts, why? Because we have the hope of the resurrection.

That is why I turn away from my sin, because I have to hope of something far better than sin can offer me. And because I'm not bound to my sins in slavery, because Jesus died for my sins, I don't have to follow them.

That is the wonderful thing about being a believer, is that sin doesn't control you anymore. Yes you get tempted, but you don't have to follow the temptation, as when you were in the flesh, and you didn’t know Jesus, you had to follow the temptation. And if you don't follow it one day, then surely you will follow it the next. You won't hold out that long against it, for you're a slave to sin.

You will fall and go on in sin. I want to remind you the Gospel that was preached so that you will take a stand. For by this Gospel we stand that if you hold firmly to your faith, then you will be resurrected to life. The resurrection from the dead is when your body will be transformed as written that on that day on the last trumpet, the trumpet will sound, and the dead in Christ will be raised first, then we who are living, we will be raised incorruptible putting on incorruptibility, and we will rise to be with the Lord forever. And there we be with the Lord for evermore. Therefore comforts one another with these words.

This is the resurrection of the dead, which is the first resurrection. If you're not part of the first resurrection, you can be part of the second death. That is the seriousness of the matter. If you're not part of the first resurrection, the first fruits, you can be part of the second death, of which there is no hope.

Anybody who gets into the second death, they have no hope. The resurrection is part of the gospel. If you don't believe in the Resurrection, you cannot be raised onto the new way.

The resurrection is the only hope that we have, because it is through Christ. It is through our faith. He rose from the dead and we believe in him, therefore we will rise from the dead.

When you have lived your life out, and when the Lord returns, he will raise you from the dead. Either your body will raise from the grave, or your body will raise from being on the earth as you live, depending when the Lord returns and whether or not you were standing on this earth in faith.

The Coming Hope

So one way or another, those who have the hope of Jesus Christ, those who put their hope in the Resurrection, because he rose from the dead, therefore you will rise from the dead; you will be a part of the first resurrection. Therefore, comfort one another with these words for we do not hope in vain as I read you earlier: If Christ was not raised from the dead then our preaching is useless and so is your faith.

1 Corinthians 15:12: But Christ was the first fruit, because he was raised from the dead, and he's the first fruits of those who have died in faith. For as death came through one man, the resurrection from the dead comes through man as well and that man is Jesus Christ, so all who believe on him will be saved.

Jesus says it clearly himself, in John 11:25, “I am the resurrection and the life, anyone who believes in me will live even though he dies.”

What Jesus means about that is that even if you die and your body rots in the grave, at some point in the future, he is going to raise you to life again, and your spirit will enter your body again. But not as the flesh anymore, but as an incorruptible body.

That is the gospel. Your spirit will go to the waiting place of sleep, as it is written that those who are asleep will be raised. Those who have fallen asleep in Christ, as those who have died in Christ as a believer.

Their spirit will be entering the new body, and their body on Earth will turn into a new body. But those of the second death, they will die again. They will be cast into the lake of fire which is the second death, to be tormented forever.

So we know that this second first resurrection, is our hope and is coming. That is why we have a hope. We call it the hope of our faith. We know that even though we live, we die to the flesh daily, that we may partake in the first resurrection, and be partakers of the hope of Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead.

If there is no resurrection, and Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead, then there is no hope. That is why in Islam, there is no hope, for them Jesus did not rise from the dead. Jesus didn't rise from the dead for many people. They do not believe it.

But I want to tell you that Jesus did rise from the dead, because if he did not, how could you speak to me? How can I call out to him and he answers me, if he had not risen from the dead?

You can't speak to dead people. If you try and pray to the dead you're not going to get any answer, because they went to the grave and many have fallen asleep in Christ.

But Jesus rose from the dead, and he will raise us from the dead, when we believe in him and his spirit enough. So we must have his spirit, because it is the spirit that will be raised by the Father in this world that draws us out. That is why is written in the Thessalonians, that the trumpet will sound and we who are alive will be with the Lord, and those who were dead will precede us, and we will be with the Lord forever more.

We will be able to cry out, “Oh death where is your victory, oh death where is your sting.”

The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law, but thanks to God he gives us the victory through Jesus Christ. So therefore dear brothers and sisters, stand firm and let nothing move your faith. Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord.

Now is that what you're doing today? Are you giving yourself fully to the work of the Lord because you'll be part of the first resurrection? Or are you just living your life listening to the wicked ways of this world, and its immoral music, the movies, and the way of it, not giving yourself fully to the Lord, because you don't believe in the first resurrection.

But Jesus said that it is those who believe, in the first resurrection in him, for he is the first is the resurrection and the life, they are the ones whom he will raise from the dead on the last day. If anyone preaches anything else, it is written let them be accursed, because they don't preach the full Gospel.

May the blessing of the Lord be with you, in his name, so be it.... Robert lyte