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Epistle To The Last Day's Church

First Letter To Those Who Believe 

To fellow believers of Jesus the Saviour; all who believe that Jesus Christ is the risen Christ and redeemer of mankind, who sits on the throne of God at His right hand, who died for the sins of the world that all who should believe upon Him might be given eternal life and the right to eat from the tree of life in the paradise of God. 

Dear brethren, do not so quickly run after the many doctrines and changing winds that blow in this dark and evil hour, rather to be steadfast in the faith; unmoved, and ever pressing forward increasing the fruits of your faith through your relationship with Jesus Christ. 

The Vine and the Branches 

We know as He said, that He is the vine, and we are the branches. A branch severed from the vine withers and dies, and such branches are gathered up and burned. Likewise a branch that is severed from the vine cannot bear fruit. But if we abide in the vine, we will bear much fruit, for apart from Jesus Christ we can do nothing. 

Therefore abide in the vine, and do not depart from your faith you have so diligently striven, for the lusts and pleasures of the world that wage war against your spirit daily. 

Do not be surprised that you face daily temptation and trials of faith, for since you have turned from your ungodly ways and follow Christ, you enter a war zone between light and darkness, but Jesus Christ said, “Take heart, for I have overcome the world.” 

False Followers of the Faith 

Now I want to warn you that there are many who oppose the true faith with various doctrines of devils that lead many on the paths of destruction. These are not they who are the unbelieving of this world, rather those who profess the faith in Jesus Christ yet walk contrary to his words. 

They make many arguments using scripture to persuade you to move away from your firm footing in faith, to instead start compromising in sins, even though it is written, ‘Do not associate with those who profess the faith, yet walk in sin.’

These false believers follow their flesh, and their god is the god of this world: lustful pleasures. To ease their guilty consciences, they dull them with wilful sins holding to a form of godliness but not walking under the power of Christ. 

These are they who cause those of weak faith, to join once again into the world from which they had fleetingly fled, only to plunge back headlong into whence they had run. The Saviour said of those who cause the least of faith to stumble, that it would be better for a milestone to be hung around their necks and cast into the sea than to face the wrath of God. 

Even though the scriptures warn them that they are to be separate from defilement and sin, they ignore it, and add to their professed faith in Christ: immorality, lusts, entertainment of the ungodly, cursing, unclean talk, immoral actions, yoking themselves together with unbelievers of this world who are in rebellion against God and love sinful pleasures. They are one with the world, as they are of the world and not of Christ. 

Flee from these. Do not let their teachings corrupt you into going down the same corrupt paths as them. 

It is written to be separate from the world and not touch anything unclean being as foreigners passing through the land. Many of you still remain yoked with the world, and so have not been able to please God who sent Jesus Christ to save us. The world has blinded the eyes of many, causing them to loose sight of the Kingdom of God. The Saviour warned, “Wake up, strengthen what little remains for I find you almost dead.” 

The Days of Noah Today 

Dear brethren, we live in an age which is as the days of Noe; where people were eating and drinking, and living for their sinful pursuit of pleasures, then the flood came and washed them all away. So it is in these days, for the people mock, and say, “Where is the Lord? He never came.” However so did they mock in the days of Noe, while he built the ark, and then the flood did come, and washed them all away. Ever more in this midnight hour, you must be alert and on guard lest you should be caught out when the Master returns as a thief in the night upon the unwatchful. 

Being Ready for Christ and His Coming 

Jesus Christ told us in His parables how we are to be found: dressed and ready in service to the master that He might find us about His work upon his return. To those who did much for His kingdom, more will be given to them, but for those who did not do, what little they have will be taken from them. So it will be in the kingdom of God: A fig tree in the garden that did not bear fruit; the owner of the vineyard said to the gardener, “Look, this tree has not been bearing fruit for seasons now. Cut it out, and cast it out of the vineyard to be burned. It is wasting space.”  To which the gardener replied, “No, let it alone for a season and I will give it extra care, then, if it still does not bear fruit, then we will cut it down.” 

Dear brethren this applies to us: If the Father finds us not in obedience to Jesus Christ, and instead following the world and our own sinful pleasures, then He will order our removal. But Jesus, our interceder, pleads our case, and we are granted extra care to straighten our path up before the Lord, and separate from the ungodly ways of this world, and dedicate to the ways of Christ set out for us by the Holy Spirit in us. If we heed, we will bear fruit and be saved. If not, we will be removed from the Kingdom of God. 

Let us never forget, dear brethren, the man at the wedding feast the Saviour spoke of, who did not have the right clothes on; and upon being asked, he was speechless, upon which the Master had him bound and cast into the outer darkness. It is written, “Fear God who has the power to save your soul, or cast it into hell.” 

With these teachings in mind, be all the more vigilant in your walk of faith, fighting the good fight diligently in perseverance and endurance knowing that, ‘He who endures to the end, the same shall be saved.’ 

The Perversion of the True Gospel 

There are some who have fallen to false teachings preached by those deceived by the devil: they preach that Jesus’ Blood covers all sin, yet they do not walk in godliness, nor do they call others unto repentance and holiness in faith. They routinely blaspheme the way of righteousness with their actions: actions of pride, actions of deceit, actions of greed and extravagance. They go after the things you were warned against: the pride of the eyes, the lusts of the flesh, and the pride of life all of which choke out the seed of faith that was planted in you leaving you dry, barren and fruitless. 

In the words of the Saviour, the seed landed on ground that had thorns and weeds, and these grew up around the seed and choked it out leaving it fruitless; so it is with those who allow the lusts of the flesh, the pride of life, and pride of the eyes into their hearts. 

The gospel of truth of the Saviour was preached first to the Jews, then to all unto this very day: that all who want to escape from this world and its corruption, and from the lusts of the flesh and corruption of the heart, indeed all who want to escape the curse from Adam, must repent and turn their hearts away from this world and its ways, and believe upon Jesus Christ, following Him until the end in steadfast faith and purity of heart, that they may receive a welcome into the Kingdom of God, and not pass under the coming judgement upon all who do and practice sin. For we know, dear brethren, that those who practice sinful deeds will not inherit the Kingdom of God, but shall perish in the coming flood of the wrath of God. There they shall be tormented day and night in the flames of torment; the fate of those who reject the way of God. 

Do not Love the World 

We must understand clearly that if we love the world and its mindless pursuits of pleasure and self-fulfilment, we are enemies of the Cross and imposters of the way of righteousness. 

The Saviour warned us that we must hate even our own lives for His sake lest anything should lead us away from our love of Him, and we face divided loyalties that cost us our soul. Be ever mindful of the trap of this world and those who are helplessly ensnared: they are ever calling you to join them in their corrupt way of thinking and vain, meaningless philosophies. 

But this is not you dear brethren, for you came to the knowledge of who Jesus is, and His Spirit came into your bodies enabling you to walk in newness of Spirit, ever increasing in knowledge of the Saviour. Since you came to know Him, He has moulded and refined your faith and led you according to the way God commands. So don’t, after having come so far on the way, turn aside to arguing, bickering, and criticising one and other, nor fall aside to strange teachings causing you to become divided from the fellowship of Christ. 

The Lord’s Appearing 

There are those who say that Lord has already returned. Other that He is not coming. These troublemakers refuse to hear the call of the Lord to be separate and come to Him. Others of the faith, listen to false spirits speaking lies saying the Lord will not return for you who keep the faith and keep watching for His appearing. On account of these many fall away and loose hope. But I want to warn you that the Lord is returning soon as He promised, and has His reward with Him for those who served Him diligently and kept the faith. He will come as He promised, and take those who feared His name and obeyed Him, from this earth to be with Him forevermore. So don’t become dishearten by those who do not see nor understand these things. Rather, be watchful and alert, keeping your garments clean from the defilements of the world. 

The Treachery of the Heart 

Now I want to warn you, dear brethren, about the treachery within our hearts. The Saviour warned us that it is what arises from our heart that defiles us, for out of the heart comes all kinds of evil thinking, perverse thoughts that arouse evil desires and lustful passions, adulteries, and all manner of uncleanliness. 

These flow forth from the heart and defile a man, and breed corruption into his life that results in death. Be on guard over your heart, and take captive anything that is contrary to the will of God. You must be aware that the flesh’s stronghold is in our heart, and if we do not crucify the flesh and live after the Spirit, we will surely be overcome and consumed, given over to our lusts, passions, addictions, and desires. 

Desire the Good Things of God 

Let instead your desires be for the Way you have come to know in Christ. Remember how He first cleansed you of your sins, and removed your afflictions, and gave you peace of mind and purified your conscience. Remember your gratitude and zealousness to serve Him on the new Way. Return to those first works, where Christ Jesus was everything to you. Come back to where He first called you, and when you first answered. Ponder what it means to have found freedom on that day, then look up and catch the glimpse of the Kingdom that you first saw in your heart when you undertook the baptism of Christ, and ate the Lord’s Supper. 

Put into practice the first works of love, faith, and perseverance for the Gospel’s sake. Let your mind and heart forevermore be upon Christ and His new way. Let your minds be captivated by His love shown to you on the Cross, and revealed to you upon the day of your freedom from the bondage of sin. In this way, you will be ready to open the door upon His return, and welcome him dressed for service. He shall surely sit you down Himself and serve you a meal. 

After all, who died for you? Who suffered for your sins? It was not man, it was Jesus Christ! So you can be sure that you who trust Him and live for Him will likewise be raised to eternal life on the day of the Resurrection that will take place soon. 

Dear brethren, be children of the true Faith, living in purity in all your ways, with this hope we have burning in your heart. Then you will never be put to shame. 

May the grace of Jesus be with you, till the very end.

His servant, Disciple Robert

Second Letter To Those Who Believe 

To fellow believers of Jesus the Saviour; all who believe that Jesus Christ is the risen Christ and redeemer of mankind; who was sent of the Father, who is God with us, who sits on the throne of God at His right hand, who died for the sins of the world that all who should believe upon His name, might be given eternal life and the right to eat from the Tree of Life in the Paradise of God. 

Dear brethren, you know your faith in whom you rely for your salvation, in whom you keep the hope of those who live by this faith; the Lord Jesus Christ. You know how you keep your faith in Him, and strive daily to keep on the Way. You know how you left the fruitless works of darkness and the former way of life when you were blind and without hope of salvation. You know that you are few who know and follow the Master as He wants. 

Endure and Live by Faith 

I want to encourage you all the more to continue in this faith you have found, knowing that, “The just shall live by faith,” and in the words of the Saviour, “Blessed are those who have not seen Me, yet believe.” 

We know that faith is believing in what we do not see, yet know to exist and the evidence is our hope, and the transformation of the heart, softening our hearts of stone, to hearts of flesh and life. In this manner we changed from the former ways of sinning, to becoming mindful of sin, and living in purity, as written “Adding to your faith self-control, perseverance, endurance, and love.” 

Many start well in the faith, then fall away later to many doctrines contrary to the message of truth given through the Holy Spirit. I have known many and encouraged many, only to have them fall away to doctrines of devils and become lukewarm, conformed to this world. Many have started the race of faith and then pulled out. It is written in the words of the Saviour, “Many seek to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by the narrow gate, but few enter.”  That is why I urge all of you to make your calling and election to the Kingdom assured by striving to enter in, and laying hold of the Kingdom by force: 

Force of perseverance,
Force of enduring,
Force of walking in truth and light,
Force of resistance against the enemy,
Force of resistance against sin and the flesh, casting aside the chains of the flesh that bind this world, by the power of Christ, and walking in freedom: 

Freedom to be pure,
Freedom to be a disciple of the way of light, Freedom to resist the flesh and not follow its urges,                                                     Freedom to walk according to the way God planned you to walk in before the world began. 

Have Nothing to do With Sin 

So, walk in freedom, and do not satisfy the evil desires of the flesh that wage war against the Spirit. As written, “Flee the sins of youth.” Don’t join those who piece themselves with many griefs of sin, breaking themselves, and falling deep into woes, depression, darkness, despair, loneliness, and hopelessness.These are without Christ’s love and hope. 

The music of the world sings of such things, and is idolised and followed by the world who is without hope. To fill their void, the world consumes the vanities of this life: sport, entertainment, worldly pursuits, living not for the Kingdom but for the things of this life which are empty in the end, and will be burned away in fervent heat. 

Dear brethren have nothing to do with these things, rather allow Christ to fill the void in your heart with love, peace, compassion, good works, faithfulness, and forbearance. Remember the Saviour said, “Those who walk with Me, walk in the light, as I am in the light, and they shall not stumble for they walk in the light. I am the light of the world, anyone who walks with Me, will never walk in darkness.” 

I have warned many who profess the faith we have, yet walk in darkness doing the works of darkness never knowing the way of truth, or having known the way of truth, but departed from it after their own lusts and desires. 

They cause the ungodly to blaspheme the way of truth on account of their ungodly ways. These know not Christ, nor abide in Him. They do not bear His fruit, and are not part of the Covenant of Christ. It is written to ‘Have nothing to do with a brother who practices sin, to not even eat with such a person.’ 

Beware of the Church of  This Generation 

Dear brethren, the churches of this generation are of the world, and married to the world. The faith we have, is the fellowship of Christ, as we have fellowship with the Saviour, and Him us, and with each other. Anyone who has fellowship with Jesus Christ, has fellowship with the Father, and the Father and the Son reveal Themselves to him. As of old, these are they who are of the true faith. 

Dear brethren, Rome persists to this day in the church. They are not of the sheepfold. A hired hand will flee upon danger and leave the sheep unprotected. Anyone who enters the sheep pen from over the wall is an imposter. Christ is the gate through which we enter. The religions leaders of this day are like dogs in the manger; not allowing the cattle to eat, yet neither eating of the hay themselves; holding shut the door to the Kingdom of God suffering not the sheep to enter and they themselves neither entering in. 

The master has called us to come out of such churches, to be separate, and touch no unclean thing, to separate ourselves unto Jesus Christ without spot or blemish, cleansed in the Blood of the Lamb. 

Bearing Fruit 

Remember the Kingdom of God: how it is that when a fig tree branch is broken from the tree and placed in the ground, it shall sprout in the ground, grow and bear fruit. But if the ground is barren and dry, the branch will wither and die. If it is well watered it shall sprout and establish in the garden. 

So it is with us: the good ground, cared for by the Saviour is our hearts well watered by the living water that flows into those who abide in Him. They grow and bear fruit. But of those who do not abide in him, such walk according to this world and the way this generation dictates them. The dryness in their spirit stunts their branch, it grows not but withers and dies. 

Discernment of  True Brethren 

Dear brethren, know your brother: know him who is of the true faith and fellowship with him. We know whom are our brethren, and whom are not: those who do not walk according to the way of Christ, but according to this world, are lost and are in darkness and do not have the truth in them, but those who abide in Jesus Christ, show so by their fruit: Peace, godliness, a righteous life, enduring temptation, walking by the Spirit not after the flesh, being peaceable, fleeing controversy, fleeing trouble and fights, having nothing to do with slander, gossip, ungodly talk, arguments, and foolish jokes. 

Such have been purified by Christ and walk with Him as He is in them. They know Him in whom they trust. 

To him who bears fruit, he shall be rewarded according to his works. To him who does not bear fruit, what he was given will be given to him who bears fruit. 

The Parable of the Kingdom 

The Saviour told us about the fishes in the sea: the nets were drawn, and the good and bad were sorted. The good were kept aside, and the bad thrown away. So it is with the Kingdom of God: the Lord shall send His angels to gather out of the Kingdom all who do sin and cause sin, and cast them into the fire to be burned as chaff is gathered and burned, but the grain is stored away. Know the truths of the Kingdom of God.  

Do Not Let Sin Rule You 

Dear brethren, let not then sin rule you that you must obey it. He who sins becomes a slave to sin is not able to carry out his good intentions. 

But Jesus Christ came to set the captives free, to free us from the bondage of sin. In Him there is no sin, and if we abide with Him, we will not sin, because we walk in the light and can see where we are going and will not stumble, but if we do not abide in Him, we will stumble in darkness and fall to sin. 

But that is not you, for you have come to the knowledge of the truth of Christ, and believe that He rose from the grave on the 3rd day, that all who believe upon Him, will pass from death to life and not come under the judgement. So if this truth is true, then our faith is not in vain and we will pass from this life into the Kingdom of God. But if this truth is not true, then when I sought Christ, I would not have found Him; I would not have become free from my sins and the way of destruction. I would still be a fornicator, an idolator, a sinful man. But Christ redeemed me. He brought me out of my darkened ways and opened my eyes to see, really see — as the Saviour had it written to us, “I will anoint your eyes with eye-salve that you may see.” 

Dear brethren, I know Him in whom I trust, and how He will never fail those who trust Him. Is it not written, that Christ promised us that, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will never pass away.” 

The Substance of  Your Faith 

Have faith and live by faith. Do not be like those who have faith for a little while, then fall away from firm footing in faith into many doubts, and sins. 

Without faith it is impossible to please God. So live by faith in the Lord who died for our sins, and proved His long-suffering love for us when He died for our sins while we were still sinners, and ungodly. Those who believe upon Jesus Christ will not pass under judgement, but will be given the Kingdom of God, so do not be concerned, worried, or afraid. 

I know some of you worry about your faith, and feel unstable about the way you are headed. This, dear brethren, is because you are not realising who Jesus Christ really is and what He did for us on the Cross. You are letting your heart be burdened down by the senses, by the world around us, and the vain philosophies of unbelievers. But I want to ask you, have you found Christ? Did He come into your life and cause you to experience the freedom of the new Way? We know that all those who are of Him, have become born again, and the old has become new; they have become a new creation. 

So since these things are for him who believes, why do you waver? Seek and press on into the Kingdom of God in faith, laying faith in the name of Jesus Christ the Saviour. In Him you will experience the new Way, light, and freedom. 

Walk anew by faith, putting first the Kingdom of God in your life, living for the gospel of Christ. Above all, love each other of the true faith, and reach out to those who are perishing, with the gospel, but have nothing to do with those of false faith lest you become spoiled.

His fellow servant, Disciple Robert

Third Letter to Those Who Believe

Dear brethren of the faith of Jesus Christ the Messiah, I want to write to you about sin, since sin is so prevalent among those who profess the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. 

You know that it is written that in these last days, they shall be like those in the days of Noe, where people ate and drank, married, and were given in marriage right up until the flood swept them away. 

So it is today: we know that people are lovers of pleasure, and lovers of unrighteousness, and will be right up until the judgement of God comes upon the world and sweeps them all away. As it was said about those days: 

Let him who is unclean, remain unclean,
Let him who is just, remain just,
Let him who continues in unrighteousness, remain unrighteous,
And let him who is holy, remain holy. 

Many are unclean and practice unrighteousness, but that is not you; for you were washed clean and sanctified by your faith in the Lamb of God who shed His Blood for your sins. 

The New Way

Since you realised who He was, and what He did for you, you welcomed Him with open arms and His change entered your hearts transforming the old way in you, to a new way that resists sin. 

You cried out in thankfulness and joy because your sins were truly washed away leaving you free to carry out the good intentions of your heart. You became born again of water and Spirit through your faith in His name. 

Though you did not see Christ, you experienced His wonderful grace flowing into you filling you with joy knowing your sins were washed away cleansing your heart. 

Now that the new way resided in you, you knew to not yield to temptation, and not follow after the dictates of sin. 

You knew to reject what was unclean; not because man told you, but because of the Holy Spirit in you leading you as a child of God. 

A Child of God and Child of  The World

For this is the way you shall know you are a child of God, and who is a child of God: the one who practices what is right and sins not, does so because he has become a child of God and has the spirit of God in him enabling him to walk uprightly according to the Commandments of God — he has become transformed; the old has passed away and newness of spirit has come. 

But the one who has the spirit of this world is blind to these truths and cannot walk uprightly. He remains in bondage to his sins carrying out the dictates of sin, unable to walk in freedom from the lusts of the flesh. 

Such a person is condemned to walk a life of uncleanliness in aversion to God and his Commandments. 

The one who claims Christ and the gospel yet does not walk the righteous life of a believer, is a liar and doesn’t know him. 

The Falling Away

Many of those who came to experience the good things of Christ through faith and baptism of water and of Spirit, experienced a falling away from grace. 

They allowed sin to enter their lives once again, bringing them back under bondage to sin from which they had been delivered, fulfilling the scripture where it is written: 

At that time many will fall away and betray and hate each other,
many false prophets will arise and deceive many. 

The Saviour clearly warns such through the Spirit: 

Repent therefore, from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works,
else I will come upon you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place — unless you repent. 

The place to where you have fallen to, is a return to the unregenerate ways of the flesh: 

Envy, malice, adultery, fornication, unclean speech, theft, carnality, lovers of pleasure not lovers of God, being led by every unholy desire of the flesh, being captivated by the things this world offers that lead away from God, corruption before the eyes which corrupts the heart, vanity, selfishness and the like. 

You who can repent, should repent, and be restored to the former lest the Lord shall come against you and remove your name from the Book of Life and remove your right to eat from the Tree of Life which stands in the Paradise of God. 

The Last Days

Dear Brethren, since we live in the latter days, be on guard therefore, so as to walk faithfully to Christ in the righteousness He permits through His grace flowing in you, having nothing to do with unclean and unrighteous behaviour, so you may receive the blessing and honour stored up for you as promised by the Saviour Himself: 

To him who overcomes, I shall give some of the hidden manna to eat,
I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life,
But will profess his name before the Father and all His Angels, 

I will give him power over the nations as I also have received from My Father,
I will give him the Morning Star,
I will write upon him My new name, and the name of My God, and the New Jerusalem, 

I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God and he shall go out no more,
he shall not be hurt by the second death. 

But for the unrighteous, and all those who practice sin and cause sin, they will have their part in the Lake of Fire which is the second death. 

In the light of these things, let us with steadfast faith remain in Christ that we may not be tempted and fall to darkness knowing that with him all things are possible, but without him we can do nothing. 

Dear believers, do not deceive yourselves: if you remain in sin, you have not Christ nor know Him and He does not abide with you; and if you have not Christ, you have not salvation nor redemption from death. 

His servant, DiscipleRobert